• Hajiya Fatsuma Maikudi 32 years old and a member of the Host Community is a member of Gwaila SILC Group in Shelleng ward, Shelleng LGA, of Adamawa State, where Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is assisting Internally Displaced Persons, Returnee and Host community in Agriculture revitalization, Social Cohesion, Governance and Infrastructure since 2019 through its partners (JDPC Yola and Maiduguri, DDI and FOMWAN). “Life in the community has been very challenging for me and my family, for years we survive from the little money I make from locally pounding and winnowing of grains for some community members who need my services. During the raining season we engage in farming activity on our small piece of land. After harvest engages in sale of food items on the table just to keep the family going”. Hajiya Fatsuma is one of the many individuals assisted through CRS’ STaR project on Stabilization and Reconciliation of the Lake chad Region Adamawa state precisely funded by BMZ through KFW. In the month of October 2019, she heard about CRS’ SILC activity from a Field Agent in Shelleng community and decided to give it a trial but with utmost caution, as a lot of people have been coming to the community with activities, but it has never been productive and forthcoming to them. Haj. Fatsuma started saving with a little sum of ₦100, hoping that things wouldn’t be like the previous experiences they have had, but her joy was that “She is in a group with people she trusts and so, they will definitely know how to work our things, should things fall out of place”. Though saving wasn’t easy for her, knowing that she has to help her family financially at home too.

After a period of eight months, the group had a share-out of ₦141,080 amount and everyone got what they deserved. Hajiya Fatsuma was happy to receive the sum of ₦4,700 of the total money she had contributed ₦3,400. Days after the share-out meeting, Fatsuma thought of what she could do differently with the money she had received that is more sustainable and also increase her income with time. She decided to buy a FEMALE GOAT at the rate of ₦6,800 (she added ₦2,100 to be able to purchase the goat) to rear at home, and since her source of income was pounding and winnowing of grains, she will supply the Goat with the shaft from the grains as feed. Her plan is to breed the goat and probably go into animal breeding with time, after seeing the result of this one.

“Animal business is one that always dominates and stands the taste of time, as such, I wish to expand my bounds by going into this trade, and I am hopeful that the second cycle of the share -out will give me opportunity to secure more fund to burst my income by expanding what I do (business) and also to go into numerous trade as the case maybe, but time will tell” she said.

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